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Dean just hummed a low “mmm” in agreement, fingers flexing on Castiel’s hips as he leaned down to kiss him back slowly. 

“You are so clingy tonight, what happened?” he whispered into his ear, smiling sweetly. He hoped that he could make Castiel laugh again so he moved his hand up his thigh and pinched him lightly. He pressed a soft kiss to his neck and rubbed circles on his thigh slowly, using only his fingertips-just to hear him laugh again.

Dean’s a terrible human being for loving this too much but he loves making Castiel smile and laugh, it makes him feel warm and safe and incredibly happy.

“What?” he asked, grinning down at him. 

Castiel let out a small chuckle. “Nothing happened. If you don’t like it I could easily stop.” he teased making no move whatsoever to move from where he was.

When he suddenly felt Dean pinching his thigh he bit his lip. Whatever, he could totally handle a small pinch.

No, Dean. Don’t you dare!

His husband would go as far as to start rubbing circles on his thigh just to make him laugh. Castiel tried his best to hold back his laughter as long as possible but after a few second he gave in and began laughing almost hysterically.

"Stoooop." he managed to get our through the bouts of laughter. He reached out to grab his hand to make him stop touching his thigh, lacing their fingers together when he did so. "You just love exploiting my weaknesses, don’t you?" he grinned and laughed, moving to place a soft kiss to his lips.

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Misha Collins heads to a fan cruise for a ‘Supernatural’ convention in Vancouver, Canada (August 28th, 2012)

thekingsbashtard asked: “ I love you daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

And I love you too, Aria. Very much.


Photo credit:Nicole (JIB 2010)


Photo credit:Nicole (JIB 2010)

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